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We offer the piece or small-series manufacture of workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals and their alloys. In compliance with the order we choose the most suitable technology – CNC, automatic, or universal. The workpiece precision is measured on three-axes measuring machines. We provide the attest of the material and arrange for the workpiece surface treatment.

Workpiece characteristics:

Rotating workpieces

  • shafts to maximum dimension of D 1000 x L 5000mm
  • flanges for machines with a horizontal axis – up to D 1000 mm
  • flanges for machines with a vertical axis – up to D 3000 mm
  • small parts for multi-functional automatic machines

3D workpieces (e.g. gearboxes, differential boxes)

  • single pieces up to 3000x16000x800 mm
  • small series up to 800x1000x600 mm

Flat workpieces

  • single pieces up to 2000x2000x250 mm

Supporting machining

  • turning
  • milling, drilling
  • grinding – oval
  • surfice grinding
  • shaping, sloting, drawing
  • honing, lapping, super-finish
  • electroerozive machining


Rollers for the test bench for Froude Hofmann trucks

Rollers with the 1000 mm in diametre. High precision turning, subcooled shaft pressed into a self-locking hub. The roller covering with approx. 300 turns for fixing plates of various thickness – they simulate a uneven terrain. The requirement for untrue running and roundness is ±0.02 mm. The rollers are dynamically balanced.