Precision machined weldments

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We can offer piece and medium-size series manufacture of precision machined weldments made of carbon steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, and aluminium.

Requirements for the broad use of precision machnined weldments in machine engineering can be arranged by machining on horizontal boring machines event. incl. their stress relieving.

  • Standard dimensions of a weldment after machining - 3 500 x 2 400 x 1 000 mm
  • Other dimensions of weldment for machining - 8 000 x 3 600 x 2 400 mm
Surface treating of the weldments responds to the requirements of the customer.

Common use of the precision machined weldments:

  • Precision frames and machine frames
  • Supporting structures
  • Cylinders incl. balancing
  • Tanks and silos
  • Staircase structures
  • Other mechanical engineering products


Weldments for Froude Hoffman Company

The order required a supply of complex and rigid frames for test benches for automobiles with a dynamic stress checking the quality of welds. The requirement of the precision of the weldments and machining, both parallelism of surface and spacing of holes (+- 0,05 mm).