Small and middle batches. Carbon and stainless steel weldings. Precise machining

manufacture of machines for food industry, equipment for pharmaceutical industry, machined parts


Material cutting

Cutting Tin Snips - 3 pcs - max. th.10 mm, length 3 m
Band Saw 1pc
Circular Saw 5 pcs - max. dia 210 mm
Plasm cutting machine up to th. 20 mm


CNC Lathe 2 pcs - dia 500 mm, length 1500 mm
NC Milling Machine 2 pcs - table max. 800x1750 mm
Machining Centre 1 pc table 750x500x500
Horizontal boring machine WHN 10 NC travel 1250x1120x1000 mm
NC Drilling Machine 2 pcs max. tool dia 50 mm, 1000x1600 mm
Lathes 5 pcs turning dia above bed - 840 mm, length 2750 mm
Milling Machine 5 pcs - table 630x1800 mm
Drilling Machine 6 pcs - max. tool dia 50 mm
Flat Surface Grinder 2 pcs - table 300x1600 mm
Centre Grinder 3 pcs - max. Swing dia 400 mm, length 2000 mm
Gear Machine up to m=6, max. workpiece dia 800 mm


  • Welding methode MIG-MAG, WIG, material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Spot welding, submerged melt welding

Surface treatment of stainless steel

  • Grinding, glazing, glass blasting