Foundry of the Aluminium Alloys - Precision Investment Casting - Lost Wax Process

Production characteristic

  • Orientation on smaller and middle series (100 – 5000 pcs/year)
  • Castings for aerospace industry, medicine, railway transport, radiocommunication, optics, textile machines, special machines


42 4334.7 AlSi7MgTi
42 4331 AlSi10MgMn
  • Size of Castings: to 604x220x150mm
  • Mass of castings produced: from 2 g to 3,5 kg

Casting Tolerances

Dimension Tolerances
up to 25mm ±0,127mm
up to 50mm ±0,254mm
up to 75mm ±0,381mm
up to 100mm ±0,483mm
up to 125mm ±0,559mm
up to 150mm ±0,635mm

Production of Metal Forms

Quality Management

  • Certification: EN ISO 9002:2000
  • Attestation: chemical composition – BAIRD FSQ, mechanical properties – tensile testing machine ZD 10/90, hardness – testing machine HPO 250, AL alloy filling – equipment NDLC