Aluminium castings, pressure die and gravity coquille castings, from middle to large batches

Production characteristic

  • Aluminium pressure die castings for automotive, electrotechnic and textile industries
  • Aluminium gravity coquille castings and low pressure castings

Chill casting

Gravitační lití do kokil ve středních seriích. Gravity coquille casting in middle series. Low pressure casting for casting parts with better quality of surface and thinner walls of castings. Coquille castings are produced in sizes up to 830 mm on special coquille casting machines CGU 05-12, KLSU. For low pressure casting, machines CNS 10.23 are used.

  • Materials processed: Al alloys according to DIN 1725/226, 1725/230, 1725/239, EN AC-42100 standards
  • Mass of castings produced: 60 g - 18 kg

Tool shop

Production of dies, forging dies casting moulds, drop forging moulds and special jigs.

Form parts are produced of DIN materials 1.2343, 1.2344 in ESU quality or Uddeholm Orvar Supreme or Dievar material. Heat treatment of form parts of the tools is provided in vacuum ovens inclusive plasma nitriding. Quality of the production is set by our own standard procedures complying with ISO 9001

Quality Management

The foundry is certified according to VDA 6.1, ISO 9002