Die forge up to 8 kg/pc. Up to middle batches (Fe)

Production characteristics

The production of forgings is based on long tradition of hand tools manufacture.


  • line of the Šmeral type with the forming power of 16 MN, including trimming presses
  • Forging hammers KJH 2, forming power of 2 MN
  • Forging hammers KJH 40, forming power of 4 MN
  • Drop forging machine LASCO
  • Calibrating presses
  • Trimming presses for cold trimming of forged products
  • All production lines are equipped with induction heating up to the cross-section of 80 mm
  • Electric furnaces for normalizing annealing
  • Sand-blasting equipment of forged products
  • Equipment for heat refinement in a carbon dioxide controlled atmosphere with the maximum 880 oC hardening temperature and for annealing at the temperature of up to 770 oC
  • Maximum weight of forged products up to 8 kg, maximum dimensions: length 320 mm, width 140 mm

The dies, trimming and sizing dies are produced in well equipped tool shop. The final machining of forged parts can be provided.