Production capacities


Universal engineering capacity. Order manufacture, small up to middle batches

Technological equipment for surface treatment, deliveries of equipment for painting and galvanic shops, surface treatment of metalurgical products and waste water treatment. Universal scope of machinery allows utilization for various production cooperation purposes.

Small and middle batches. Al and stainless weldings, precise machining

manufacture tools and mechanization for gardening, holders for satellite dishes, various equipments for welding, metal machining cutting, welding of aluminium sections for various foil roof systems

Small and middle batches. Carbon and stainless steel weldings, precise machining

manufacture of machines for food industry, equipment for pharmaceutical industry, machined parts

Sheet parts - punched and laser incl. assembly and surface treatment

single purpose machines for thin sheet metal, cigarettes vending machines, metal parts, assembly units


Aluminium castings, pressure die and gravity coquille castings, from middle to large batches

Aluminium pressure die castings for automotive, electrotechnic and textile industries
Aluminium gravity coquille castings and low pressure castings

Grey and modular cast iron, Al, non-ferrous castings. Sand and coquille castings. Moulds and pattern shop. Machining

order production, from middle to large batches
castings for the machinery equipment, transportation equipment, pump technology and civil engineering

Steel and modular cast iron. Moulds and pattern shop

Sand castings made of low alloy mangan graphitic steel and ductile iron. Used in machinery industry, vehicles, farm equipment and cargo systems. A traditional assortment is the production of anvils of various types, sizes and weights from 3 up to 250 kg

Foundry of the Aluminium Alloys - Precision Investment Casting - Lost Wax Process

Orientation on smaller and middle series (100 – 5000 pcs/year))
Castings for aerospace industry, medicine, railway transport, radiocommunication, optics, textile machines, special machines


Die forge up to 8 kg/pc. Up to middle batches (Fe)

The production of forgings is based on long tradition of hand tools manufacture.

Die forge up to 500 kg/pc. Up to middle batches (Fe, Al, non-ferrous) Free forged up to 4 t/pc

Materials forged: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainles steel (Cr & Austenitic steel), Al – alloys, Cu – alloys and other materials according to customer’s requirements