Forgings, pressings, mouldings

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We arrange for the manufacture of forgings made of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. We mostly focus on the manufacture of dies, presses and pressing fixtures. We optimize the choosing of forging shops in terms of the customer requirements on price, technology and delivery terms, and we check the delivery process.

Manufacture technology

  • die forging
  • free forging
  • laser manufacture of pressings and mouldings

Certified quality ISO 9001, The attests of materials (chemical composition and mechanical properties of the forgings).

We will arrange for the transport to the customer incl. the choice of packaging (pallet, box, basket, free storing).

In all products of this group we can offer machining and surface finish in compliance with the customer request.


Forgings for GARDENA knifes

We supply forgings for Gardena garden scissors. The garden scissors with forged knifes last longer and can be easily sharpened. We have provided the tools – dies, and cutting and calibrating tools. We supplied more then 250,000 of knife forgings for buig and small scissors and received no complaint from the customer.