Final products

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We organize supplies of final products and sub-assemblies in compliance with the customer requirements. We can arrange for the manufacture of final products components with various suppliers (incl. moulds, tools, and other necessary support products), assembly, and commercial packaging of the products, but also a back-up storage of products to be able to respond rapidly to the customer requirements. In case of interest, we can supply drawings to document the supplied sample. We can also be part in designing and developing a new design.

Examples of cooperation in this field

  • Samples of wellness couches for a design company
  • Tripod for a Hair Master hair dryer
  • Stainless-steel sterilization carts for pharmaceutical industry and hospitals
  • Rollers for roller beds for handling skids
  • Concrete mixers bodies


Sterilization carts for SBM Company

Stainless-steel pharmaceutical products. Most important in this category is the surface finish – grinding, polishing all welds and holes and final surface treatment. This prevents sticking of bacteria or other contaminants on the cart. Such properties are the key factors for any applications in the health institutions.

Tripod for Hair Master

We supply a tripod for the Hair Master hair dryer to OLYMP Gmbh, one of the world leading supplier of equipment for hair saloons. In compliance with the documentation received we arranged for moulds for the manufacture of 3 plastic parts, and for forming conical ends of the tubes and manufacture of springs. We assembled all components manufactured by 4 producers into sets and supplied them with the necessary spare parts. The surface finish of the tripod tubes are offered in chromium, white or black. We have already supplied more then 10,000 tripod tubes.