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We arrange for the manufacture of castings made of gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron, cast steel, steel, aluminium, and other nonferrous metals, incl. models and moulds. We optimize the choice of a foundry with respect to the price, technology and supply terms required by the customer, and we check the schedule of the order.

Technology used

  • Sand casting
  • Gravity casting
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Precision casting on cast models
  • Pressure casting
  • Permanent mould casting

Certification under ISO 9001, EN, attests for materials (in terms of the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the castings).

Manufacture of models and moulds

The condition for starting the manufacture is the acceptance of samples and the used model and moulds. Guaranteed is the transport to the final destination incl. the most appropriate packaging (a palette, box, basket, free storing).

Casting treatment

  • blasting
  • removal of risers
  • basing
  • if needed, mechanical processing incl. anti-corrosive treatment of the machined surfaces


Precision aluminium casting for the BEA Company

For the BEA Company we produce a precision aluminium casting, complex in shape and requirements on quality, because it serves as a combustion chamber for fastener machine. The precision casting is manufactured as a smeltable wax model and is supplied incl. machining. FIRMCONSULT Ltd. arranged for the manufacture of the model and moulds, more than 20,000 have been supplied so far.